Aspergers Syndrome & Autism Links

Insight On Asbergers Forum

We now have a brand new forum where you can gain access to more information about Aspergers, ask questions, meet with experts and form friendships for the future.  

Autism, Aspergers & ASD

This is a comprehensive 4 part guide specifically designed to empower parents in dealing with Autism, Aspergers and ASD and enable you to truly enjoy being the parent of an aspergers child.

The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide

We provide our comprehensive review of this eBook which covers both sides of the Aspergers equation for parents in need of Aspergers resources and guidance.

Nurturing Your Aspergers Child

Get a unique perspective on parenting with Aspergers from a mother who has successfully raised two children with Aspergers Syndrome.


  • The Essential Guide To Aspergers  A highly comprehensive guide which is an excellent first resource for aspergers sufferers, or for parents of children with aspergers.  

  • Colour-Se7en  UK site with information on Autism Spectrum Disorders, created by a father of a child with Asperger's. 

  • Wrong Planet The Online Community and Resource for those with Asperger Syndrome.

  • Autism Resources Page Brilliant resource for information related to all areas of Autism, including Aspergers Syndrome. Maintained by John Wobus.

  • THE WEBSITE Special Needs Information - a website by and for families with special needs, maintained by St Johns Autism Listserv.

  • TEACCH Web Site  Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children - North Carolina 

Australia & New Zealand

  • Autism Victoria  Victorian co-ordinating body. This page also gives contact details for all the major Autism associations in Australia.

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