The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide Review

Dave Angel's "The Parenting Aspergers Resource Guide" is a publication with information, advice, and some must read tips and tricks on how to adapt to and raise a child with Aspergers Syndrome. What I particularly liked about this ebook was that it offers advice on pro-actively dealing with Aspergers but straddles both the opinion of experts (such asAutism Specialists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Educational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists) as well as those with more 'hands on' interactions with Aspergers Children, such as Special Needs Teachers, Social Workers, and of course...other parents.

The methods contained in Angel's book are specifically designed to assist children with High Functioning Autism Aspergers Syndrome to progress their capacity for normal communication and interaction to age appropriate levels.  For many children with Aspergers this can be a significant symptom of the disorder.  You'll be able to use these methods to advance your child's socialisation, and advance their comprehension of communication such as body language, eye contact, voice tone differentiation, humour, sarcasm and inflection.  

The ebook also provides strategies for reducing challenging behavior, eliminate anxiety, and increase self esteem.  

The ebook is quite comprehensive, and covers many major issues arising in Aspergers such as

- How to recognise and diagnose Aspergers Syndrome Symptoms;

- Understanding the real causes of Aspergers;

- Understanding what your child is thinking and why;

- Coping with your child's inappropriate or aggressive behaviors;

- Aiding your child to cope with their peer group and school;

- How to help your family understand aspergers;

- Techniques for long term management.

The ebook comes with a swag of free bonuses, all of which are clearly designed to compliment the primary text. These include "An Interview With Internationally Acclaimed Aspergers Author Tony Attwood", "My Personal Rolodex of Aspergers Internet Resources", "Getting Started: Introducing Your Child To His Or Her Diagnosis Of Autism Or Aspergers Syndrome a special report by Marci Wheeler", "20 Parent Tips To A Tantrum-Free Haircut For A Child With Autism a special report by Wanda Brown". On top of all there is also a bonus "Email Consultation about your child with a Fully Qualified Educational Psychologist".

The style of writing in this ebook is intentionally easy to understand, and the concepts and methods are designed for ease of implementation. It's a practical, effective resource and one which, for the small investment involved, provides an excellent 'next step' for parents with Aspergers children.  

Insight On Aspergers Review Rating - 4 Stars

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